Theoretical Biophysics


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The emergence of new cross-disciplinary fields is one of the major driving forces in science and technology. Among the most important of these emerging fields are those which connect the life sciences with physics. Due to the vast amount of data that is now available there is the possibility to understand living organisms as complex dynamic systems. Biological processes occur on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. The time scales of biological function range from very fast femtosecond molecular motions, to multi-second protein folding pathways, to cell cycle and development processes that take place over the order of minutes, hours and days. Similarly, the dimensions of biological interest range from small organic molecules to multi-protein complexes, to cellular processes, to tissues, to the interaction of human populations with the environment. Thus one needs to understand how on the smallest scale conformational changes of molecules plus their interaction give rise to collective phenomena.

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The lectures do not lean heavily on a specific textbook. Resources from the literature will be introduced as needed in the downloadable material. Howwever, A small part of the lectures is based on
Theoretical Molecular Biophysics Series: Biological and MedicalPhysics, Biomedical Engineering
Scherer, Philipp, Fischer, Sighart F.
1st Edition., 2010, XIII, 371 p. 250 illus., 3 in color., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-85609-2

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